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If you remember, we wrote about, a site that can find all kinds of recipes without meat or any other non-vegetarian ingredient. sounds similar, right? Well, not only does it sound similar, but it looks almost the same as, except that the results are geared more towards a vegan crowd.

In fact, we did mention in that article that vegetarian recipe can’t find vegan recipes for you and there should be a way to find out. is the answer to that problem.

free vegan recipes

So if you are a vegan food lover then this site is for you. You just need to enter an ingredient and it will show you the corresponding vegan recipe matches. The site isn’t perfect and does throw up inaccurate results sometimes, but overall, it is a useful vegan recipe search engine.


  • Online vegan recipe search engine.
  • Type in an ingredient and get various vegan recipes.
  • Over a million recipes indexed by the search engine.

Check out (By Abhijeet from Guiding Tech)

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