Vimeo Launches Official App For Android & Windows Phone [News]

If you’re a Vimeo fan, and have been missing the experience on your Android or Windows Phone device, this is your lucky day. Vimeo has finally released an official app for Android (including Kindle Fire) and Windows Phone, which brings all of Vimeo’s main features to your mobile device.

While Vimeo for iOS has been around for quite a while, Android users had to make do with a bunch of unofficial apps, while Windows Phone users had no solution to speak of. This all changed with this new release. With the official Vimeo app, you can now browse and watch videos on your device without logging into Vimeo. If you log in with your Vimeo account, you can also like videos, comment, share, edit and add videos, and more.

If you don’t already have an account, you can register with the service from within the app.


The app is very responsive and easy to use (at least the Android version of it), and the layout is simple yet intuitive.

On Windows Phone, the app received a more artsy look, which goes with the general Windows Phone feel, and seems to also be able to play HD videos.


The app also includes Vimeo’s upload manager, to pause and resume uploads without having to start all over again.

Have you had a chance to try the new Vimeo app?

Vimeo for Android [2.3+]
Vimeo for Windows Phone 7

Source: CNet

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