W.h.o.: Ebola Outbreak Can Be Controlled

In the Democratic Republic of Congo where at least three new cases of Ebola were confirmed on Friday in the northwestern part of the country now statement DRC Minister of Health Olli illunga said the cases are in the health zone of one gotta one of the three health zones affected by the epidemic in the province of equator on Friday.

The minister inspected the city of Amman dhaka which has a population of nearly 1.

2 million a major transportation hub with routes to the capital.

Kinshasa the city has already reported Ebola cases meanwhile the United States is planning to provide several million dollars to support the global response to the growing Ebola outbreak in the DRC there have been more than 40 cases and 25 of those people have died well.
The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola.

Outbreak in the DRC does not yet constitute an international public health emergency the virus has currently spread the Congolese.

Turn of mundaka the town has a population of 1.

2 million people despite fears that the World Health Organization is confident the outbreak can.

Be brought under control was only confirmed 10 days ago as I have underlined the immediate response by the government of.

The Democratic Republic of Congo of w-h-o and other partners including enhancing surveillance establishing case.

Management facilities deploying mobile laboratories engaging community leaders setting up an air bridge etc provides a strong reason to believe that this situation can be brought under control so please take the vaccine as one of the the parts of the comprehensive response and we will not just rely on vaccines but we will rely.
On a range of prevention and curative responses to the outbreak..

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