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Hey guys John with tech reviews not 1:9 where there’s no problems just situations everybody wants their sports it’s football season everybody wants to watch their favorite team and then some today I’m going to show you a really cool way of watching your live sports if you don’t want to pay the paid subscriptions I have a paid subscription cuz.

It’s a whole lot better but if you don’t want to I’m getting ready to show you how right after this no problems just situations hey guys I’m back again I got.

A solution for some of you sports.

Fans football season is coming up.

So here’s another option then I’m giving my clients that if you don’t want to pay a subscription fee which I always recommend is to get a subscription for a better results but if you just can’t do it here’s another free option I’m gonna say I am NOT the developer and I.

Have nothing to do with the content I just basically took sports HD dot me and made it into an apk so I’m gonna show you how to get it I’m going to show you a couple of.

Solutions if you don’t want to download the apk first off you can go to your browser we delete that and you sports dot PhD look wrong sports each at the dot me and we’ve had other services like this there’s a couple out there in here here’s one and I basically made this into an apk but if you don’t want to go that route or want to do it on your phone isn’t the option please excuse the.

Ads the heads up there right now are not so bad but something on some of.

Their browsers don’t look so nice right now you scroll through here and basically this is just one option I’m going to show you how it works in my apk that I created from this website again I have no affiliation with this website I just out of you know educational purposes I just created an ADK out of the website I also have a video on how to do that so go out of here I’ll show you more once I open it.

Up this is basically one of my boxes that I’ve designed we’re gonna go and find my hat well first we’re gonna go to file link and you basically.

Notify length if you haven’t used file link there’s several videos out there go up to here yeah it’s super Dale’s mega store it’s not in there this is just something I did for fun but this one it’s on this one fire stick even though you don’t have to have.

It on your fire stick I have it in my fire stick.

And my other filing store but we’re gonna go to this one.

Dismiss and when I scroll down and we’re gonna find what I called it all sports again I trying to hide it and I try to say I developed it I just had some fun with it and made it into an apk some people prefer apks such as myself and some options actually work better you could put this on anything click install install oh and you can put it on.

Your fire stick and dry box if you want to put it on your phone if you want to put on I have a phone just go through to the website and type in sports HD type me and you’ll get the same thing and excuse me I’m gonna ads on there not that so if you got kids don’t let them see it we’ll go ahead and open it up this is a privacy notice I’m not selecting any information I’m the one who made the apk I’m gonna play with.

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