WatchKnowLearn: Browse Thousands Of Educational Videos

There is no denying that YouTube or Vimeo have millions of videos about every topic, but this gigantic size often makes it very complex for people to find the right stuff. WatchKnowLearn solves this problem for at least the educational videos by organizing thousands of videos into their specific categories and sub-categories (up to 4 levels).

Moreover, you can also search for videos and while searching, set an age filter so videos more relevant to the desired age are displayed. The videos can be rated and users can also post comments just like with YouTube. Currently, WatchKnowLearn has over 30,000 videos covering all areas ranging from science and nature to arts, literature and technology. Using WatchKnowLearn, you can also search other sites like YouTube, SchoolTube, GoogleVideo and TeacherTube.



  • Over 30,000 educational videos from a variety of subjects.
  • Rate videos and post comments.
  • Set age filters while searching for videos.

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