We Let Iphone Predictive Text Control Our Day!

Jesus out as fast so to say hey guys talking Joshua take over from here so let’s nobody get up – today we are going through a cool duty blackout event or black ops blackout event which I’ll give you more details on when we get there but before that golly what ideas that make that make a whole day out.

Of my little trip to London we saw a video recently where a girl use protects and iPhones and when you type in on your phone and say like hello my name.

Is and it guess what you had to say she was that – stop what makeup she was in wear that day don’t know why I watch a video I did watch a video because you needed to learn how to put makeup on we were searching video ideas and that’s why it was so we’re gonna try and do.

It so it controls out day and will this Instagram follows control out there you have this Twitter followers control our day so we’re gonna try and do it so that this little phone here and piece of 2×4 control our day I mean her video was a failure because it just was you can’t really predict what I can’t say oh let’s go to Starbucks and a coffee mate but it will.

Give us rough edges a motors bend will bend.

The truth a little bit to follow us doing and obviously then we’ll head over towards you then in about an hour and 15 minutes so what we start off with give me a sentence so I’m taking I’m gonna text you everything so whole.

Conversation today will just be me texting you nothing kids okay so hey we are in London and filming and now we leave on a leave on a cliffhanger now we are going to go to now we’re going the two gets please say food ahead the back what does that.

Mean get the Train we are not yeah okay I guess it decided our transport to the venue that we’ve been the truth that bit right that’s it it’s gonna work we’re hungry so we are going to go get some food stuff with enough food.

Food mode you made a go the Eastern food see yeah I bet a little bit I made it so it okay if.

It’s what you wanted but you want food so we get I’m already starting to enjoy this video so we are now in Starbucks and I want to get a his chance new or good wants to get a good job time one-night-only get a good time yeah well good time will mean a hot job for me all right again I get.

Rather and pesto well I’m going to treat myself or something forget our food or I have my food you just hug you Walter a hot chocolate says that Josh Lenexa found out I was a youtuber so for akshatha he’s hoping that was my app yeah eat this and then gets the phone next well even Starbucks and now we have like a full five minutes to other day so we got one last little bit I.
Think we can do we need to go so.

We’re gonna say like we’ve had our food and now to walk.

In yeah we’re gonna now we’re gonna walk walk to the next one the next one and then we can go to the movies Jim white house look at these backgrounds.

They look like it in Stavanger last on here into the Bangor we take some pictures but pretty background I’m just gonna get some cinematics then predictive text told us to do this case you’re wondering that transition we just did took a five-minute stand there and next one next one filming the fun funding it’s kind of very badly bridge both your art that means we.

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