What Gadget Do You Really Want For Christmas? [We Ask You]

With December upon us, and the madness of Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us, all eyes are firmly fixed on Christmas, at least for those who celebrate it. People celebrate Christmas in various ways, but the giving of gifts is one obvious tradition.

With that in mind we want to know what one piece of technology you have your eye on this holiday season. Whether you’re adding it to the list of gift ideas you’re giving to friends and family, or planning to buy it yourself as a little treat, we’d like to find out which gadget trumps all others at this moment in time for you personally.

All I Want For Christmas Is…

We want to know, What Gadget Do You Really Want For Christmas? Name just one gadget, whether it be a TV, smartphone, tablet, PC, games console, camera, or anything else that falls under the epic category that is technology. Tell us what it is, and explain why you want it so badly.

Please don’t feel excluded if you don’t celebrate Christmas, as we would still love to hear what’s on top of your wishlist of gadgets. After all, everybody has a birthday, and they usually involve the giving of gifts as well.

To give you some food for thought…

How about a new 4K television set?
Or a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?
How about a new Nexus 5 or iPhone 5c?
How about an item from the holiday gift guide for geeks?

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