What's On My Iphone 2018!!

Hey everybody is Lanaya here and welcome back to my channel or if you are new welcome to my channel hey everybody its Anna here so today for you guys I have the what’s on my iPhone video I have the iPhone 6s plus iPhone duh what’s on my iPhone video about three or four months ago but I recently organized.

My phone out and I got a lot of new apps I.

Wanted you guys to check out and to see so before I.

Get into the EXO video I wanted to show you guys my phone case my phone case is just from this brand called chroma and chroma is such an amazing phone case company the really really unique thing about their phone cases are they have removable back plates and that is like so cool to me so basically you have this like border so I just got a black border.

And you have like a black a black a back plate inserted into it and you can just remove it so like they sent me two other back plates which was this um like floral blue one though.

The other one was just this you can’t really see it but this is just a packaging the packaging was like so so good.

This was the box that came or that the border came in and I thought it was so cute so this is what it looks like and it came in this like um.

It’s like protective covering type thing and that was really nice I’m really excited I think I might put this on my phone throughout the video cuz I have this is like the one that I really really wanted so I’m really excited to see what this looks like on my.

Phone yeah it also has just like sticker on it not sticker well I guess you can call it a sticker just like protect the case and/or the back play and stuff like that so yeah so basically you can just remove this back plate and how you remove it is you like pull the border and just take it out like that and you have to remove the border in order to put the excess food on it so I’m just going to.

This batch plate and then it like clicks and stuff and that’s how you know it’s secure look how cute this is so now I’m going to put it on my phone guys this is so cute look at this I even love like look how cute this is literally go get you a case from chromite they’re so cute so go check them out pretty please they’re so good and you can also use.

A larger girl Oh 2 for 10% off and it doesn’t expire so you can use it whatever you want ok so now that I showed you guys is amazing back plates.

And stuff like that which I should go get one like I said other times I’m gonna hop right into what’s on my iPhone so my lock screen is just this motivational Pinterest wallpaper I found it says make today amazing and it’s just something to keep me going throughout my day and stuff like that my wallpaper on my home screen just says remember why you started and it’s also from Pinterest and I really liked it because it kind of keeps me like motivated to keep going and.

Stuff like that so I’m not my main home screen I just have ultimate sagat’s which I’m not gonna go through then I have my editing apps which is huiji hoozy justice app where it creates like this like disposable effect on your pictures not not effect but like it’s like a disposable camera and it creates like on this date and the bottom left-hand corner of your pictures and um yeah it’s really really cool I’m gonna show you guys a picture just ignore all of those like this one it creates like this really really.

And it has the date in the bottom left hand corner and it’s really really cool if you really like really cool effects on your pictures then this app is definitely for you my next app is called Pixar and I’m not really get into that one because I don’t really do anything on that all I do is wipe my teeth and flip my pictures and yeah next I have photos in camera which you guys know what those are then I got visco visco is it’s just really nice editing.

App that I edit my pictures on obviously like this one I edit my thumbnails just Razak so my thumbnail from last week which was the Q&A video so if you ever took that one out definitely go check it out but I.

Edit all my pictures on visco.

It’s really a nice app you should definitely get it then I have Pancho and this is where I put my text for my thumbnails on my pictures it’s a really nice app ever since PicMonkey it started to costing money I was looking for an app bracken light edit my thumbnails and fonta was such a good app so I definitely recommend that if you.

Are youtuber and you are looking for any type of app to like make your thumbnails this one is really really good next I have DHS cam and this is just where you can like take videos and it kind of creates like this disposable camera effect on the video so then after that I have airbrush and I don’t really have an airbrush but it’s just this app.

Can like hide your acne and stuff like that anyway so after that I have PicMonkey and I have the app PicMonkey on your phone allows you to make like.

Clauses and stuff won’t love me too that’s what I used to pick monkey for to make collages for my thumbnails and I use that and then I transfer that collage over to font Oh to put my text on it yeah it doesn’t cost money on the phone oh by the way I love to I can see that but my phone is currently like destroyed I dropped it so many times to the.

Point where it kind of started going black over here why.

Getting a new phone exactly but then after that I’ve Snapseed and Snapseed is basically another editing app so basically that’s just this one filter that I love using on this app and it’s called bright and it’s already on this picture so it’s gonna make it look even more bright but it’s really really cool it kind of creates this.

Like flowy not really flowy but like light side of the picture oh no I.

Really like it though and that’s basically why I use this app just for that filter then after that I have plummeted I only downloaded one motive to create like a video because I was bored of me and I didn’t really come out good I’m not really good at that type of stuff but next I have a lens distortions and that’s basically where like if you take a picture outside and if someone’s are hitting.

Right you can kind of create that effect on.

That picture so like like that or.

Something it would look better with like outside pictures though not really in effect pictures because why.

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