What's On My Iphone 7+! (2018)

Sup guys a couple weeks ago I asked you guys on Instagram to send me some video requests and a lot of you guys said you wanted to see a what’s on my iPhone video now I haven’t done one of these videos since literally like 2015 but yeah I guess we’re gonna do a what’s on my iPhone video the.

IPhone that I have currently is the iPhone 8 plus I wanted the plus because it has this.

Not an 8 this is a 7 I told the AT&T guy that I had an 8 earlier today oops yeah this is the iPhone 7 plus I wanted the plus because of the camera mainly but I like the size it’s not bad at all the case that.

I have on it currently is a case from go case I’ll link it down in the description if you want it I really like it I like the palm tree leaves they’re super cute and then even though the pop socket doesn’t completely match it’s not like super off but I.

Have a like diamond metallic pop socket on it I absolutely need a pop socket.

On my phone because I have one of the pop socket holders in my car where you like slide it like that’s how I like change songs and like use GPS and stuff so that’s why I have to have a pocket on my phone basically at all times I do have a screen protector on my phone but it is so damaged.

Because of that I don’t even really drop it that much I end up saving it just to let you know dad I don’t drop it it is okay but.

It scuffs a lot because the case in the screen protector are leveled at the bumper so the case doesn’t really do much for my phone but it’s okay cuz it’s cute.

So this is a lockscreen on my phone it’s a really freaking hot photo Diego what did y’all expect I mean duh let me scoot over so you can see it I’ll scoot over this buttocks that’s cute right that’s.

A ripoff ah so this is my background I.

Just changed it because it was a Halloween background but I’m in ain’t Halloween no more so so start off on the docks I just have my regular apps that I.

Literally use all the time and Instagram messages snapchat and Twitter it’s literally always been like that like on my iPad it was like that.

On my old phone so it was like that my iPod actually I didn’t have a Twitter or snapchat my iPod but still I have all the basic apps that everyone.

Else has on my first page I have you know Safari calendar.

Photos I have Google photos though which like backs up all my photos which is good in case I like delete something and then go to recently deleted and delete something it’s in my Google Photos.

So that’s good I have a camera FaceTime phone clock Maps weather wallet notes notes I use quite often I’m just testing emojis I’m sorry yeah notes.

I use quite often I have my three pin notes that I used the most my wishlist my to-do list and my video ideas and other than that I.

Just keep like random notes and stuff on here and like I write video.

Scripts and all of that jazz all of my notes then I have iTunes.

App stores reminders I don’t really use reminders that much health let’s see how many steps I walk today 4,000 guys I am so fit these days settings music I don’t really use music that much I’m more of a Spotify I type of girl this is what happens when you get Spotify Premium not the right way if you guys want to see another playlist video let me know in the comments because I won’t totally.

Make one I know you guys liked my last one so and then on my second page you just you just wipe and then I brings you this second page all my folders I like to keep my phone very organized on the first page no folders on the second page all folders so the first folder is my business a folder I keep all of my business apps and things to do with you – I have my youtube studio where.

I check all my analytics I have my gmail which is hooked up to my business email I have Adsense YouTube mail that like subscriber count’ which doesn’t work anymore IG TV which I never used because it doesn’t work on my Instagram my subscriber count’ that does work and then my Tommy.

James Explorer app which really shouldn’t be in there it should be a bun but I don’t feel like changing that right now and then I have my fun exclamation point folder so in here I.

Have Netflix I’ve been binge-watching shameless podcast I like to listen to podcast in the car if I’m like driving a longer distance than like five minutes Pinterest I love me some Pinterest okay go follow me on Pinterest because I love it like I have so many.

Boards I have like tattoos my outfit inspiration my future home my picture inspiration that I got my Starbucks app because I have a few Starbucks gift cards left I have dough which I don’t really use that much but if you want to add me you can then I have.

Calm I never use that that’s why I’m never calm the CW app is where I watch Riverdale every Thursday and today is Thursday so me and Diego are gonna be watching some Riverdale tonight and then on the second page I have all my games I just deleted a couple yesterday ahead Pokemon go still but I have AAA and subway surfers in case I.

Get bored and then I have bitmoji but you know I edit my bitmoji like never so my next folder is pretty and in that folder I just keep everything to like do my.

Instagram stuff I have all the apps that you’ve literally seen in every single what’s on my iPhone video bits go.

Facetune after light you know editing apps if you guys want to see an updated how I edit my Instagram photos let me know as well because I don’t know it could be fun I have pic bot which hooks up to one of this device thing that.

I have somewhere in my room Fuji who doesn’t have Fuji pick stitch because every time I delete a collage app I somehow need to make a collage my camera connect which connects is my camera over there it’s my mic on I’m going okay it’s all good oh I have snow which is like an editing app I don’t know I’m trying to.

Make my Instagram story look better and I don’t know if it’s working so we have.

Snow and over and those both edit Instagram photos unfold that does Instagram stories as well.

You and um this app is really cool it like lets you plan out your Instagram theme and like I don’t know if you.

Guys noticed but my Instagram theme currently is like flip-flop between warm and cool tones like supposed to be like a checkered thing um some pictures are better than others but they’re there and.

I think they’re cute so I’m colour-pop and I don’t know why I’ve never used that.

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