What's On My Iphone Xs Max?!

Hi guys hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m gonna be doing a what’s on my iPhone XS Matson video cuz I just got the phone like a week and a bit ago and that that’s kind of the videos that people are doing so I thought why not had the iPhone 7 before but I wanted a.

Bigger screen like I’ve always liked the plus phone so that’s why I decided to get this one also oh gosh.

When I got the phone I care to do and unbox unboxing video like I started for me I’m.

Gonna insert it in a second but then I thought like I don’t know all the technical terms for everything I was like this is not gonna work so.

Then just I stopped there yeah anyways let’s get started so here’s the phone without the case code is really pretty sophisticated I actually love this and then this is one of my cases I have free so it’s just a pink silicone case it’s hardened here silicone here this is from Amazon if you do but you want the case and I.

Just got a pop socket with grip and for it to look pretty on the phone I thought it’s a cute design here’s the fern with the case so here’s my lock screen it’s got this damn it here’s my lock screen it’s just got this sad face emoji plus music equals a happy face which I really like because I love music but this is my home screen it’s just this black marble background with vinyl off of the bottom I have phone messages FaceTime and what’s up these.

Are all that my contacts apps and augury and so I thought now kind of got a theme going on there have calendar camera.

Photos clock mail notes weather maps.

Reminders news iTunes store settings app store but Safari and contacts that’s.

Kind of boring so next page is like everything that I use have snapchat Instagram Twitter Netflix is my Instagram I think you guys should follow me because why not Oh pictures comments see in there love Twitter but this is one of the best apps ever if.

Not the worst and I have YouTube Amazon nationwide and Pinterest I love pictures to like it just has all.

The good pictures then I have my EE first times music and Spotify music is another one of my favorite apps they don’t have outlet gmail.

Star cloud and word all of these ones just like my shopping one so I have pretty little thing I bought every it’s a sauce misguided Topshop forever 21 and uni days that student discount honey then.

The next page I have games and just like random apps I’ve just recently.

Downloaded up here of Harry Potter choices episode and fruit ninja these are so funny because I never normally have games on my phone I just downloaded any app that just look cool I have one drive unfollow so I can see you unfollowed me because that’s just rude and I have fun turn pics art which I actually use for my thumbnails.

Then I have utilities which is just you know these kind of apps which I don’t use I have shoebox.

Which is basically an app where you can backup all your pictures and it back of them let me show you my she looks she was froze back years that’s everything that I have on my phone like I literally don’t have I have a lot of things but there’s nothing really interesting but I thought let me do the video anyway I don’t.

Think that’s on my iPhone metal isn’t the most interest in video but some people enjoy it so see y’all in a bit oh my gosh little of this camera the quality on snapchat I was so disappointed I went on there and I thought I had it Android for a second that I can’t.

Look around the box that I’ve gotten else thinking is this actually a iPhone boss I was shook if I am thumbs.

Up if you did enjoy comment down below what phony have it seemed Android or team iPhone so make sure you.

Share of your friends family your cats teach a path I think I’ll see you guys in my next video bye.