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Hey what’s going on guys welcome to a new vlog right now richer and I are getting ready because we’re gonna go to a pumpkin patch I’m so excited to go if you guys remember last year we went to a home game patch and it was really fun and we got a lot of really cute pictures which is what.

I’m really excited about so I’m all dressed already I’m wearing jean jacket white shirt white jeans white Congress probably not ideal to wear it all white to like a farm and then I.

Did my hair in a cute little up to you and then I’m wearing this cute little scarf tied on my hair and yeah I’m just waiting for Richard he waits for the last minute to get ready like I’ll be done and then he’ll get ready I hear what he doesn’t but he doesn’t take that long to get ready so.

We should be hitting out soon sorry Ivy guy’s gonna hear the shower running it’s cuz Richard still taking a shower but I kinda wanted to talk to you guys because our last video was when I unlocked the new iPhone if you guys don’t watch that video.

Definitely go watch I know a.

Lot of people did enjoy it so if you guys want to.

Our previous video somebody commented saying that I should do what’s on my iPhone I know those are really popular for youtubers to do.

I mean I don’t concern myself YouTube you know what I mean so I kind of felt like I don’t have enough stuff on my iPhone to make it into video but I kinda day want to show you guys what I do have on.

This vlog so I’m gonna start screen pouring my screen and I’ll kind of just like go through what I have on my phone so right here we have my home screen and.

Then first thing let’s see so.

I have the Bible app sometimes at.

Night it reminds me to like lead it makes me feel calm before I most especially like if I really like anxious or something or like stressed out about something if I read before I go to sleep it really helps me have a good.

Night’s rest right here we just have mostly like the main apps on the phone and then over here well I have like the usual I have two Twitter Instagram snapchat Facebook Pinterest I actually really love pantries let’s click on that real quick so that’s.

How you can find me on Pinterest fair I love your keys so I had like a whole thing for literally your keys and if.

You guys didn’t know my dog Daisy she’s part your keys so I love your keys every our whole wedding planned I mean you know I just looked interested if you guys wanna.

See a little bit more of what I like definitely go follow me on there I don’t usually like all the time mostly when I’m in 3d so you should check it out and then Twitter Instagram snapchat Facebook I usually just leave it for like family at five minutes but Twitter Instagram and snapchat they’re always leave down little for both which were nice and then YouTube obviously I actually have my own YouTube account so this is where like I watched videos like I just watched the ACE family labor and delivery video and.

Of the day a little baby but of course they were going to show it yeah this.

Is what I do my spare time and then over here these are usually apps that I use.

When we travel so I have Airbnb southwest Alaska yells uber and over here I have the Sephora it’s more like shopping so I have the support of Amazon fin de bois deep pop target and deep file I don’t think I’ve actually talked about the pop on the channel.

Instagram you guys know I’m only Paul because I always post about it so I’m basically selling like these items right here these are no instead of resold and then they’re just like items are still in really.

Good condition sorry the lighting change I feel like the sun’s moving out there yeah these are items starts doing really good conditions and then like that I’m selling for like a good price and yeah I’ve sold a couple of them already and it’s actually really fun to like chip out items so do you guys want to follow me.

Maybe shop my closet on there I’ll leave a link down below this video but yeah that’s my big.

Pop and then over here these are like boring.

Half I have progressive for car insurance people or bank and the sprint right here I have my photo editing apps this app right here.

Called snug I think I actually paid for this app I think it was only like a cobbler and why do I like a long time ago if you guys follow around I’d say um this is what my insurance like and basically you play everyone have a nice theme on your Instagram you want to make sure that the pictures go together.

And my case like I like them to go together and so you can look like aesthetically pleasing when you scroll down and stuff and this app is actually really.

Helpful because you can just like add a picture and like view what it would look like on your Instagram before actually posting it I think that’s really cool and really helpful for Instagram and then I have Phase two and and I do like face tune like some of.

My pictures just to make them look a little bit better and then I have physical I think that’s how you say it and I use the visco app because now on my Instagram we’re starting to add a Kareem on the pictures to make it look like more quali and stuff and Invesco has big green.

When you snap or have baked mochi I don’t know.

Wife and have a collage app don’t really use it but it’s there and then I have these ups just like facebook Messenger what’s that I use it for my family in Mexico we have a group chat and that’s like the only reason why I use it for and.

Then over here I have the necklace and the seep/w under CW app I like to.

Watch Riverdale and Jane the Virgin they post the episodes on.

The app like the date after they go up on TV so that’s.

Really cool and I actually can stream from the app to my TV it’s like.

Really cool to have an app and I yourself like mail app Apple music I like Apple music I don’t.

Really like Spotify that much but that’s my Apple.

Last app is used for my work basically people just like post shifts or like if they’re looking.

Pick up shifts I’m like that’s an easy way to cover you books just but that’s what I use that for and then so I was basically what.

I have on my iPhone hope you guys enjoyed that little segment I’ll see you guys I’m wrong the way to the pumpkin patch actually they were gonna get actually balls at this really good place downtown before we go to thunderpunch so y’all see so rich or nice stuff to get these sa you will feel exposed there mine has Java saving their Hospital so guys I’m all done with my ass Evo so is Richard the place is called Larry’s define in downtown.

Tucson they’re really good guys highly recommend so we made it to the pumpkin patch we took a little tractor right over here you’re writing one of those over there and it’s.

So nice so we got some sweets I got caramel apple well.

Apples with caramel sauce and then we got a little loaf of pumpkin bread it’s a good bit and then it’s really cool.

Here take a little town and they have a lot of things going on it sucks I have to go to work soon but it’s still really nice and I’m gonna eat these so guys anyway anyways guys it’s been a while I actually went to go to work and I’m a trip just picked me up and we came to target our favorite place what my because we wanted to buy something.

To carve out the pumpkins no it has to be dark okay yeah is like all the spooky beans.

So I found what we came here for the pumpkin carving a kid baby I found it hey guys so yesterday we didn’t blog anymore after target cuz we just came home and we’re kind of really tired.

And we started watching what’s it called yeah the haunting of Hill House on Netflix if you guys like scary stuff even.

Though it’s not that scary like a lot before saying that like it’s really scary that they started throwing all we.

Know babies are traces I know I get.

Scared a lot though and I didn’t really like it’s not that scary it doesn’t have that much scary things throughout it.

But it’s really good like the whole story it’s spooky like not like scary things popping out that much so you should definitely go watch it we’re.

Like halfway through it we want to.

Finish it tonight but that’s what we did yesterday night and then today we also watched some more and.

We didn’t get to carve the pumpkins but we were gonna do that on our next video so watch out for.

That so these are the pumpkins that we ended up getting at the pumpkin patch we got this little guy and then we got this I were.

Both gonna carve these pumpkins on the next video.

And we got our supplies right here so yeah watch out for the next video because we’re gonna be doing that so you guys haven’t seen the easy.

In this vlog and the reason why was because she spent the weekend with my parents and she came back with this with a little Santa sweater I have a little hoodie let me show them oh she’s a little.

Early on the holiday spirit but she was cold so we put her on her and she loves wearing clothes if you guys have been watching for a while you guys know.

Daisy loves wearing clothes honey so guys I think this is gonna do it for this vlog because somebody’s commented on the last video that I should do it did it for you guys make sure you guys around the post under vacation because next video we’re gonna be carving the pumpkin yeah and you still.

Wanna massage that’s been a really fun reading itself that’s it babies like it and subscribe if you’re new guys don’t forget don’t forget leave your comments down below so we can I know some.

New things having a little bit of trouble yeah as you guys can tell well we’re trying to get back now so yeah I hope you guys enjoy and stick around so our next video guys Richard and Dahlia Oh bye guys [Applause].

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