Which Is The Best eReader Out There? [Twitter Contest Results]

If you follow us on Twitter, you might have taken part in our latest “best eReader” contest. Just in case you happened to miss it, over the past three weeks, we asked our followers to send us suggestions for the best eReader available out there today. We gave you free rein to tell us exactly which eReader would be the best for your needs, and surprising consensus emerged pretty quickly. Continue reading to find out what the majority on our followers want to be reading their books on.

As promised, one of those who sent a request will win exactly what he/she asked for! Before we get to that, though, let’s take a small stroll through the different options we heard in this contest. You might even find your own tweet mentioned!

Can’t wait to see who won? Scroll all the way to the end, the answer awaits you there!

Winner by Popularity

If you had to guess which eReader would be the most popular among our readers, which would you guess? Before starting this contest, but personal bet was the new Kindle Paperwhite, or its Nook and Kobo counterparts which come with glow light. How mistaken I was!

Yes, I know we haven’t held a Kindle Fire HD giveaway yet, and it’s already been a year since out last Kindle Fire giveaway, but I still did not expect the Kindle Fire HD to gain such popularity as an eReader. Nevertheless, the Kindle Fire HD was by far the most popular request, for some of the following reasons:

@DinaJ said it’s her favorite eReader because it’s easy to use, has a stunning display & Amazon has a wide selection of books. @alee67 said that since he reads many technical books with diagrams & illustrations, it will be the best eReader for him.

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Most people, though, simply specified the Kindle Fire HD without giving a reason. Do you also think the Kindle Fire HD is the best eReader out there today?

OK, What Else?

The Kindle Fire HD wasn’t the only tablet that popped up as the best eReader. @BillJude56 wants an iPad as an eReader because it offers the optimal eReader/tablet experience. @Ivan92116 was thinking of the Nexus 7, which according to him is the best of both worlds with the Kindle app, Google Play and Jellybean, and @wildnfree1 favors the Nook HD, mainly for its looks and simplicity. The regular Kindle Fire was also a common request.

What about non-tablet readers? We got a wide range of options here too, from the Nook Simple Touch and Kindle Paperwhite all the way to the huge Kindle DX and even a LinuxPad. I could especially relate to @scholzet’s request, saying he’d like the Kindle Paperwhite do he can read at night without bothering his wife. We all need Kindle Paperwhites for that!

Ultimately, though, we could only choose one winner, and give away only one eReader.

I can’t stand the suspense! Who won?

Did you miss this contest? Wish the person mentioned right below could be YOU? Start by following us on Twitter and watch the stream, there’s lots more to come in the future!

So who won his very own wish for an awesome eReader? Drum roll….

The lucky winner is David Rowlinson (@drowln) who asked for a Kobo Touch! Among the volley of requests we got, the Kobo Touch was not a common option, and yet David was lucky enough to win his unusual selection. We hope he enjoys it immensely. Congratulations, David!


What kind of contests would you like to see on Twitter? Tell us below or follow us on Twitter and tell us there!

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