Who Paid Last: Keep Track Of Who Paid Last On Your Date [iOS]

If you are the type who keeps track of who paid on your last date, then this app is for you. Aptly titled Who Paid Last?, this iOS app keeps a record of who last paid on shared tabs.

who paid last

The app is pretty simple. Once installed all you need to do is type in your name and the full name of your partner. The app then goes into a list of partners or buddies that you want to keep track of. The app asks a simple question: who was the last person to pay? To answer, just tap the box to switch between you or your partner.

This app makes sense for roommates who want to know who last paid the rent, or for couples who takes turns paying when eating out. You can also add in more names if you have an arrangement with multiple people. This can also save you from arguments with your friends since you know now whose turn it is to pay.

The app’s minimal interface lets you input your reminders within seconds. The switchover action keeps things simple, and the colored indicators make it easier for you to see the content.

who paid last

This app is a convenient timesaver for those who want to quickly check, well….who paid last? It is available for free in the iOS App Store.


  • Check out who paid last and know who need to pay next.
  • Free on the Apple App Store.
  • Switch between you and your buddy to know who paid last.
  • Simple interface for quick input.

Check out and download Who Paid Last? @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/who-paid-last/id579930148?mt=8

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