Why Africa Youths Should Stop Running Away From Africa !

Hi my friend we have talking more about Africa problems and developments no money no problem there’s no fish ours as you now young people in any societies has a great role for bring changes and creating new things and coming with new ideas but many young Africans are running away from Africa that’s why some time Africa remain poor because.

We think Africa is not a good place it is not wrong for youths from Africa to go to Australia Europe China America.

Or Canada in fact it is very right for them to go there as entrepreneurs on a business journey or as students immediately to come back after graduation in previous years the Western media has been vividly covering the upsurge.

In the number of youthful illegal immigrants from Africa to Europe and North America truly young people from Africa have been running away.

To Europe and America some have been doing so lawfully most of them are economic political and climatic refugees but the majority have been illegally moving out of Africa to enter illegally into Europe and America out of the unfounded imagination among the youths in Africa that there is good life in Europe and America this is the daydreaming the African youths have to.

Be disillusioned so that they realized that there is no good life for an African immigrant struggling to get a space in the developed countries of Europe and North America basically the youths of Africa and I mean.

All the youths black Arabic Indian or white whether boys or girls must know that problems at home cannot be solved by running away but instead by remaining or staying to fight on it is clearly understood that bad policy absence of infrastructure regular Wars gender violence and hostility unto the sexual.

Minorities crude culture poverty lack of job opportunities hostile climate low payments to the professionals an absence of opportunity for academic advancement are the key forces that have made Africa.

To look very unattractive to its youths but it is also important for the youths in Africa to understand that America or Europe have their own problems but their youths are not running away.

It is also important to realize that a few years ago most of the countries in Europe were in poverty the same way North America was but these.
Two societies fought and wangled their way out of poverty courtesy of their.

Youthful populations that never ran away economic and social problems in Africa are indicators of bad governance which is in turn a brainchild of bad politics bad politics of Africa is perpetrated by.

Africa most of these old politicians of Africa have been in politics for the past five decades they often justify their clinging on political power by an argument that they fought for independence from colonial tyranny yes they fought for Africa’s liberation from colonial brutality but this does not justify old people’s version of politics to perfect social and economic suffocation of Africa this old people’s.

Version of politics survives and persists because of state-sponsored ideology of tribalism economic exclusion police and military brutality and all other practices done in defense of moral panic in top leadership careful examination of different strands of the political culture of Africa evidently shows that these old men in African.

Politics are not ready to give Africa an opportunity to enjoy political modernity based on democracy and inclusivity the old men in politics want Africa to be the way it is so that it can give the first families and other few politically correct families.

A leeway to enjoy economic and political advantages this is the behavior that emanates from old people’s fear of change as it goes the Greek proverb it is also the behavior which has lain a political substructure for social and.

Africa catapulting the youths into a lawful migration to the unreceptive west however running away of the disadvantaged booths to Europe or America is not a perfect solution instead it gives leeway to culture of bad politics and social degeneration to cement itself in Africa the youths must stay and fight the way the youths of Algeria and Egypt fought in the Arab Spring.

For the good of their countries it is understandable that it is sometimes hard to remain and face hardships but it is also important to know that no freedom is earned without injuries the prevailing small spaces of democracy seen in Africa today is an outcome of very arduous battles fought by the youths of those.

Days in the likes of Thomas Isadora Sankar Nelson Mandela amilcar cabral Steve Banta Biko Deden Kim a–they Markham Singh Walter Rodney Elijah machined and many others they chose suffering instead of.
Enjoying prison instead of fake freedom local entrepreneurship than fancy.

Jobs in the West struggled to survive assassins gunshots in the battlefield than ivory towers or armchair philosophizing as a state poet to the economic powers-that-be.

Radicalism in service to the oppressed humanity than sicker fancy in the palace of the oppressor and hence.

This is why a milk our cab rail rally to call in his book unity and struggle for the oppressed youth of Africa and all other youths in the same fix all over the world to unite and fight against all forms of oppression it was in recognition of the need for good courage and struggle against oppressive systems that amilcar cabral cautioned the oppressed people in Africa and anywhere else in the world not to.

Accept cheap victories how I wish those of you running away from Africa to Europe and America do realize that you are only looking for cheap victories in fact cosmetic victories that come after you have rejected yourself.

And your identity against the good conscience which commands that Africa is now a battlefield in which the war between human dignity.

And poverty is being fought soldiers on the side of human dignity are the youths and vanguards for poverty are those perpetrating bad politics those who will die in the battlefield are more glorified than those running away across the Mediterranean euro tunnels to be the self-made refugees and cowardly immigrants in Europe or America doing menial jobs like washing drawers and smalls of old women in the homes of the elderly as they feverishly blame Africa.

For having bad leaders the problem with the majority of those running away.

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