Why Origin was a dud, according to Qld

VideoImageRugby League: Queensland coach Kevin Walters says Origin is played too late and the conditions don’t allow for an attractive game of football.

Queensland State of Origin coach Kevin Walters.Only two tries in 80 minutes and a scoreless second half left many fans wanting more after the Maroons’ dour 6-4 win over NSW in the 2016 series opener on Wednesday night.Walters, though, said the slippery, wintry conditions — exacerbated by the 8.20pm kick-off — had been a big factor in the low-scoring arm wrestle.“I don’t want to knock ANZ Stadium here, but I think the conditions there don’t suit anything else but the way that the two teams can play,” he said on Fox Sports’ NRL 360.“I mean, they say they’re professionals in passing and all this, but it’s difficult when you’ve got blokes coming at you at a hundred miles an hour trying to pass, trying to tackle, it does make conditions really tough for the players.” Walters also said the prime-time kick-off might suit TV, but not the occasion.State of Origin: There was no hiding Laurie Daley’s disappointment in the referees, and even Kevin Walters agreed.

“It’s too late,” Walters said. “Players are waiting all day and, as a player, we used to play at 7 or 7.30pm.“That extra hour for the mind games that it plays, I think that it puts too much pressure on the players and I don’t think it allows them to play that style of football that everyone wants to see, that both teams could play if allowed to.” Fans are also growing frustrated by the TV-driven late kick-off and say it’s becoming a turn-off for potentially the next generation of rugby league sta…

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