Why You Should Make Art Other People Hate

All the paintings in this will be available at Robin sealer calm if you wanna follow my social media accounts they’re all at Robin seal art and they have a patreon if you want to support further this channel thank you very much I feel scatterbrained today I keep trying to make this video and I just am trying to free.

Volley I’m going to free wallet right now it’s October the end of October happy Halloween I’m making a video about my October recap and I wanted to do it through the lens of why do.

We make the art we make how do you take it away there’s definitely vlog footage time-lapse paintings it’s all in here disclaimer when I talk about myself I want you to filter it.

Through the lens of what is personally relevant to you and what can you be pulling to inform your own artistic journey it’s about idea generation oh my gosh you guys it’s a double rainbow and it’s the most spectacular in boy I’ve ever seen no.

Oh you don’t even know it’s the rainbows or gasping about only that is this that it’s the most beautiful rainbow I have literally ever seen in my life when does a rainbow look like that I’ve been on YouTube for two and a.

Half years now I started very religious married painting hyper-realistic water and now I am divorced not religious painting very different things we and a gosh-darn magical Wonderland all of that process has made me.

Question my value system and want to be very intentional but how do you get to know yourself.

And your values without exploring exploring like the way I mean no wonder like all you have to do is be out here inspired okay I’m gonna film inside of it I’ve placed a larger value system on that exploring and very intentionally trying to.

Challenge myself evergreen when I run into conflict points in personal life or in art I want to question them so imagine you if the thought that you want to do something one day paint somewhere outside you feel like you want to go to a coffee shop by yourself you feel like you want to go on.

A hike but immediately I start debating the utility this month I challenge myself to just try things in some ways I feel like a blank slate a lot of my worldviews got destroyed so I’ve been.

Collect information and experiences and challenge where I have pre-existing ideas and make sure that.

I don’t just do things or feel things because I have historically done or felt things part of the question of why and make the things I do is exploring what artistic limits I put on myself what I consider is good or worthwhile am i making.

Legitimately enjoy them and like them but I do want to make sure that in our time making things authentic to what brings me joy and that I’m not keeping.

Myself from exploring because if you put limits.

On your exploration how are you ever supposed to make.

Art that you end up really loving and pushes your boundaries and expands you maybe you’ve done some.

Of this exploration process and you don’t feel like you’re limited in what you make based on what you’re afraid of I don’t think I’ve gotten to that point yet.
I think I have fears about my value diminishing unless I make.

Things that are technically outstanding so I’m pushing back on that I think it’s good to recognize what internalized value systems you have are and whether they serve.

You I did two things with my art this month one I worked on maturing a style that I’ve been trying to develop I tried to really sink into pieces instead of doing quantity over quality and exploring on the massive Gale I wanted to deep dive with my artwork and focus on giving each piece unique character and quality a lot of these pieces I feel like.

I got closer to that and may that makes me really happy the.

Other thing I did was I went on instagrams Explorer page and started falling in love with abstract art I never used to.

Like it someone asked me how I felt about it and I said Abe respect it but I don’t do it that’s changed this month not everything you do has apparent utility getting into abstract art I couldn’t foresee what the utility in that was but I decided to do it to honor the desire that I had to try it and I feel like I can see how those ideas have.

Started to trickle into other art that I’m.

Doing and are freeing me up to take more risks try new techniques that I wouldn’t normally apply paint.

And color in new ways I wish this felt more organized my October recap the major message takeaways I want to give are explored seek out visually and conceptually and intellectually stimulating experiences embrace new things that maybe make you uncomfortable so that you can make your life full make your art.

Full so maybe this video isn’t really an answer to the question it’s more just about the importance of the question of why do you make art you make and maybe it’s also about how can you practice self-acceptance how can you teach yourself to give yourself permission to care about or like the things you do I’m grateful.

That I’m learning to give myself.

Permission that could be the end of that sentence it looks like it’s snowing coz there’s just so much snow falling.

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