Whyd: Create Music Playlist Composed Of Songs From SoundCloud, YouTube & Vimeo

Do you want your favorite songs from multiple websites to be accessible from the same dashboard? If yes, then you should check out a website called Whyd.

create music playlist from soundcloud

Whyd is a free to use web service that will be extremely appreciated by music fans. Normally to listen to our songs online, we jump from one website to another because most music fans have created playlists on multiple websites. But rather than switching between your YouTube and Vimeo playlists, imagine being able to send all of your online streaming tracks to a single playlist that you can stream anytime you want. This is precisely what Whyd offers – a playlist that you can use to include songs from not only YouTube and Vimeo but also from SoundCloud.

You start by signing up for an account on the website and then dragging its bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. When this is done, you simply head on to a song’s webpage and click on the bookmarklet to send the song to your Whyd playlist. From the Whyd interface you can then play the songs you added. You can also view all the songs others have added.

New songs can be searched for on the website too and added directly to your playlists. While adding a song either from its own page or through Whyd, you can add an optional description.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create online music playlists.
  • Supports songs from Vimeo, YouTube, and SoundCloud.
  • Lets you add optional descriptions with each entry.
  • Lets you search for songs through interface.
  • Similar tools: Tiny Cassette, Jiggyape and YouTube ListPlayer.
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Check out Whyd @ http://www.whyd.com

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