WiFi Analyzer: Choose The Best Wifi Channel For Your Router (Android)

After connecting your Android phone to your wireless router, if you experience slow internet speeds on your phone then the router’s channel could be the issue. Wireless routers can transmit signals on different channels. Some of these channels do not deliver the best speeds because nearby signals interfere with them.

To help choose a better channel for your router, use the Android app WiFi Analyzer.

the best wifi channel

Wifi Analyzer is a free application for Android devices. It simply recognizes nearby Wi-Fi signals and displays them via a graph. Through this graph you can see which channels other Wi-Fi devices are operating on. Afterwards you should access your router’s settings and change the channel to one not being used by nearby signals. You should then notice a significant improvement in Wi-Fi performance.


  • A user friendly app.
  • Helps Android phone owners choose a better Wi-Fi channel for their routers.
  • Displays Wi-Fi information of nearby Wi-Fi signals.
  • Displays information graphically for easier interpretation.

Check out Wifi Analyzer @ http://sites.google.com/site/farproc/wifi-analyzer

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