Wikinvest: Maintain & Manage Your Online Investment Portfolio

With your online investment portfolio you can use various web services to stay in better touch with real-time market data. One service that can be used to do this is Wikinvest Portfolio Manager.

manage your investment portfolio

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager is a comprehensive website that lets you make the most use of your online investment portfolios. After creating an account on the website you can start creating a new portfolio; alternatively you can link your account with your brokerage and import your portfolio.

The benefits of using Wikinvest include getting real-time market data and obtaining research on companies. The site also provides you with portfolio analytics. Soon email and phone alerts will be added to the site to keep you aware of breaking news.


  • Online investment portfolio manager.
  • Lets you maintain and import your online investment portfolio.
  • Provides portfolio analytics.
  • Provides real-time market data.
  • Lets you obtain research on companies.
  • Similar tools:¬†Carbonmade and¬†AceProject.

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