Wikipedia – Biggest Online Encyclopedia

WikipediaIf you are not using it yet, then you are missing something…Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia, which is 100% edited by users. Nowadays, wikipedia has articles in almost any language you can think of. Below You can see number of articles wikipedia had in different languages at the time this post was published.

1. English: 1.354.000 + articles
2. German: 457.000 +
3. French: 352.000 +
4. Polish: 287.000 +
?5. Chineese: 250.000 +
6. Dutch: 223.000 +
7. Italian: 191.000 +
?8. Sweedish: 180.000 +
9. Portuguese: 175.000 +
10. Ispanyol: 147.000 +

As I have mentioned, Wikipedia is 100% maintained web users, meaning that anyone including me and you can go to wikipedia, select/search for an article of your choice and edit any information you would like on that artcile. While this may raise some questions regarding the credibility of several articles, it seems that this process works quite well. That is because several hundreds or even millions of people visit wikipedia daily and many of these people act as editors, and some of these people are experts in one or another subject. If someone publishes a misleading information(or change correct information about something to something false) it is usually corrected within minutes.

Wikipedia is extermely useful when you need to quickly access to information about a particular term or concept.

Ex; ajax,debt consolidation,data mining, Mozart, web2.0 and etc…

The terms that may encounter some terms while browsing web, talking to people or watching TV. Usually wikipedia will have a detailed description to whatever you are looking for, however sometimtes it may not very simple to comprehend. In many cases, you will also be provided with not only description but several online resources/websites related to this term.

Some example Pages Examples:

1. Article about eminem: (Wikipedia-Eminem)
2. Article about blogging: (Wikipedia-Blogging)

To make best use of wikipeadia I highly recommend to use it as a toolbar for your browser. I use Mozilla firefox. Whenever
there is term or a concept I need to check I just enter the term into the search field on my browser and select wikipedia as a search engine. This is extremely handy and very fast way to get information on allmost anything instantly.

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