Wildcat Books: Giggle, Giggle, Quack! By Doreen Cronin

Hi I’m Carly and welcome to wildcat books today we will be reading giggle giggle quack by Doreen Cronin in this story duck is up to no good as I read pay close attention to see what roles duck makes while Farmer Brown is away let’s read Farmer Brown was going on vacation he left his brother Bob in charge of.

The animals I wrote everything down for you just follow.

My instructions and everything will be fine but keep an eye on duck he’s trouble Farmer Brown thought he heard giggles and Snickers as he drove away but he couldn’t be sure Bob gave duck a good long stare and went inside he read the first note Tuesday.

Night is pizza night not the frozen kind the hens prefer anchovies giggle giggle cluck 29 minutes later there was hot pizza in the barn Bob checked on the animals before he went to bed everything was just fine Wednesday.

Is bath day for the pigs wash them.

With my favorite bubble bath and dry them off with my good towels remember they have very sensitive skin giggle giggle oink Bob had all the pigs washed in no time Farmer Brown called home on Wednesday night to check in did you feed the animals like.

I wrote in the note he has done replied Bob counting seven empty pizza boxes did you see my note about the pigs all taken care of said Bob proudly are you keeping a very close eye.

On duck he asked Bob gave duck a good long stare duck was too busy sharpening his pencil to even notice just keep him in the house ordered Farmer Brown he’s a bad influence on the cows giggle giggle Moo giggle oink giggle quack Thursday night is movie night it’s the cows turn to pick.

Giggle giggle Moo Bob was in the kitchen popping corn just as the animal settled in to watch The Sound of Music the phone rang the only thing Farmer Brown heard on the other end was giggle giggle quack giggle.

Moo giggle oink giggle oink uh-oh duck screamed farm around it’s for you Bob.

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