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Water so Buffalo rarely leave the area Tao and Banda will learn from the best because ke kanaka lions are expert Buffalo killers the bellows summons the Cubs like a dinner bell the females are hunting at ten months Tao and Banda are old enough to join the mothers with instructions to watch and learn brothers are the only ones who.

Respond to the cries buffaloes have a kinship as tight as the Lions bond they protect their own this meal bites back a buffalo.
Is five times the weight of a lioness.

Well-placed thrust could cripple a lion for life on the sidelines the brothers out of danger and out of the way but when they try to help they distract the females and the Buffaloes get.

Away but just as quickly the brothers see how misfortune turns into opportunity the Stampede exposes a loner and the lionesses react the mothers of fearless driven to control and conquer so Tao attempts his first jump on his free he’s away from immediate danger bandar feels safer behind a tree his practical will come later when they.

Get the Buffalo down Tao helps at the sharp end his instinct to strangle is appropriate but he lacks the strength when reinforcements arrive he realizes he’s in over his head better let the experts do this it takes the combined bite force of two adults to finally squeeze the life out of the Buffalo with a buffalo dead horns.

And hooves are no longer a danger it’s what band has been waiting for and then no good fortune a reed buck in the wrong place at the wrong time the pride females make it look.

Appetizer on the menu more than enough for everyone the brothers are accustomed to this endless supply of food while Bandar gorges himself Tao takes the opportunity to practice his suffocation technique the antelopes head is the size he can manage he clamps its nose and mouth shut.

To block off access to air it’s how he’ll kill buffaloes one day but for now he leave that to his elders food is the mother’s responsibility their fathers handle security the Kanaka males.

Time away from the family patrolling their borders this area of the Okavango Delta is full of pride lands seven in total each one as large as Paris and other lions have their eyes on the Cocalico territory the pride males continually sent mark the perimeter of their territory.

As a warning to keep out or face an attack but warnings don’t always work today the smell.

Of the family’s carcass tempts nomads into the heart of their territory though Tao and Banda hardly notice the mothers are defensive but they’ll wait for the.

Male’s to make the first move the nomadic females may get a chance to eat but the juvenile male won’t be tolerated and then the young brothers see firsthand how their father’s the pride males deal with rival intruders the trespasser is lucky to escape with his life roaring is their final act of dominance a bullet into neighboring prides.

It communicates location prowess and ownership with their fathers on guard duty Talon banter enjoy a meal in peace.

On hunting trips with a lionesses the brothers experience all the quirks of Delta living.

Wet and chilly pores come with the territory although today Tao learns how to stay dry it looks easy when his mum does it bingo cautious bandha gets cold feet no matter the obstacle the lioness’s stay focused on their primary target Buffalo’s sometimes going to.

Extreme lengths to keep track of the herd these grazes account for 70% of the prize food so it makes sense to keep them in their sights as the Buffalo crisscross you can occur the Lions follow and Tao and Banda learn about their world the.

Forest reveals an alternative prey source Tao and Banda have eaten in parlour before but not often these agile antelope.

Usually outrun the lionesses and the meager food reward is not worth the effort of a chase this herd seems to alert.

For an ambush and they’ve got help in parlors and the Boone’s share sentry duty eyes and ears primed at multiple locations and levels in short rope not surveillance though no one sees tau creep closer until now with the alarm raised the Lions game is up they won’t catch an Impala now they’ve been spotted now 18 months old Tao and Banda spoke as’ is hunting and they pick up the subtleties of stalking Buffalo by.

Watching the lionesses they control the pace of the hunt understand that measured calm must balance the energy of an ambush they hang back on purpose and study the herd for weak spots perfect a straggler and he’s injured they move into attack positions lionesses and cubs are now a single unit they’re adrenaline-fueled onslaught catches the bull off guard and the support of the Cubs gives the Lions a.

Weight advantage within seconds they wrestle him down both brothers are now experienced enough to help on the kill Banda stops the bull from kicking the rest of the pride Tao smothers his cries before the herd can attempt a rescue mission with so many females around they both practice without pressure and when it gets too hard there’s always a mother to take over and deliver the suffocation bite but this Adil excited doesn’t last six months later carefree days and easy meals.

End abruptly the attack comes without warning it’s a brutal pride takeover the rivals timing is perfect he’s waited for this moment for weeks he storms into their territory when the family is separated and scatters the remaining females Loney Wonka Kanaka Mayo is close enough to retaliate but the rivals intense power is overwhelming when their father bolts the.

Brothers know they’re conquered they surrender their pride lands forever Tao and Banda flee for their lives it’s a jolt to adulthood as extreme.

As night and day yesterday the brothers walked with a pride as usual today they are alone quite naturally they stumbled onto the first rule of survival as nomadic males stick together a coalition is their best chance to win a territory one day and a mate this place session recalls their time together as Cubs.

And that’s vital their bond is their insurance policy for the future the brothers wisely keep a low profile and move through different territories quickly without being spotted but others can’t help attracting attention it’s worth investigating they haven’t eaten in.

Four days all the signs look promising and as they get closer a familiar stench confirms the find a seven-day old carcass is.

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