WindowFX 5 Is Now Out With New Window Animations And Other Cool Features [Updates]

WindowFX 5 has just been released with new window animations and other great new features. WindowsFX is a powerful customization utility for Windows which lets you apply cool animations to your windows, application menus, and Start menu, and also offers some useful productivity-oriented tools.

The new version of WindowFX has introduced wobbly window animations while dragging (similar to what you can do with Compiz Fusion on Linux), and several new animations for window operations such as opening, closing, minimizing, and restoring. The application is offered in a free, feature-limited version, as well as in a paid version which costs $10 and has useful desktop icon display controls, the aforementioned wobbly effect, and more.

Animations are not everything: WindowFX 5 offers handy ways to stay focus on what you are doing, even if you are using the free version. You can darken all inactive windows so that the current window visually stands out; you can minimize inactive windows after a while to keep your screen (or screens) from becoming cluttered; and you can make inactive windows transparent.

These new features alone make the free download worthwhile, but the animations don’t hurt, either: Even on a computer which is no powerhouse animations are silky-smooth and fun to watch. The free version comes with several animation options, so you can swap them around if you ever get tired of your original choices. Definitely a fun application, and this latest release looks great.

What do you like about the WindowsFX 5 release?

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