Woot Launches Holidays Store For One Week Only & A New Mobile Site [Updates]

If you’re into online shopping, and especially if you like deals (and who doesn’t?), you must be familiar with Woot. Woot is a veteran daily deals website with special branches for technology, sports, wine, and even t-shirts, among other things. And starting today and for the rest of this week, Woot is also offering a holiday reprieve: Woot Enduring Holidays.

Enduring Holidays is Woot’s first pop-up shop, and will only be around between November 22-28. The shop offers deals on everything from games and activities that will help you pass the time with your family, to devices and distractions for a few minutes alone. The current daily deal is on a 24” TV, but you can expect to see something different every day. On top of that, you can get $5 flat-rate shipping for all the orders you place on any Woot website on the same day, if you’re in the US.

Along with the new pop-up shop, Woot has finally launched its mobile site, which will automatically appear if you access any Woot website from your mobile device. This includes all parts of Woot such as polls, videos, product descriptions, etc. While the Woot team says nothing explicit about an actual mobile app, they are hinting at “more and bigger and better mobile news soon…”, so we will definitely stay tuned.

What do you think of the latest Woot news? Will it help you endure this Thanksgiving week?

Source: Woot Blog

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