WordAhead: Video Vocabulary Site

WordAhead is a free video vocabulary website. Instead of just reading a definition of the word, you get to see a video illustration and hear how the word is used in different sentences.

It makes learning hard words both fun and interactive for everyone. Especially useful for those preparing for SAT/ACT verbal tests.

video vocabulary

Currently site features a total of 515 vocabulary videos and aims to include videos for several thousands of SAT/ACT level words.

Video content is uploaded by the site and registered users. At first videos are kept in the “Videos” section where they get rated by users. Top rated videos are then promoted to the Study room, which also includes Flashcards for last minute preparation.

Registration is not needed for searching and watching videos, however registering on the site lets you rate, discuss and upload your own vocabulary videos.


  • Hundreds of vocabulary videos for SAT/ACT level words.
  • Fun and easy way to memorize words through video illustrations.
  • View top rated, most viewed and most discussed videos.
  • Wordlist contains the list of words of the uploaded videos. Browse words by letters.
  • Free, register to rate, discus and upload your own vocabulary videos.
  • Alos see 30+ Online Resources to Expand your English Vocabulary.

Check out WordAhead @ www.wordahead.com

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