Wordcounter: Online Word Frequency Counter

Are you a budding writer notorious for submitting wordy articles? Wordcounter is an online word frequency counter that counts and ranks the most used words in your text. Using this simple app you can find repetitive words so that you can re-write them and create better articles.

online word frequency counter

To use Wordcounter, just paste your article in the text box then click the “Go” button. You have the option to include common words in the rankings and include only the root-form of the words. You can also set how many words should be listed and ranked.

Wordcounter is ideal for just about anyone who wants to lessen their word redundancy in their articles and improve their writing skills. SEO professionals can also use this tool to quickly findĀ  keywords in a given article.


  • Free; No sign up required.
  • Copy and paste your articles to find your most used words.
  • Choose to include small words or use root words only.
  • Uploading to be available in the future.
  • Similar tool: CountOnIt and WordCountTool.

Check out Wordcounter @ www.wordcounter.com

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