WordItOut: Free Word Cloud Creator

Tag clouds or word clouds are a really nice way to summarize the important things in any piece of text. Trying to create a fancy word cloud manually would take hours. However, there is a word cloud creator that lets you achieve this in seconds. WordItOut takes any piece of text and then creates a colorful word cloud from it.

You can completely customize your cloud by setting the background color, colors of the words, number of colors to be used, font and font size and even how they are laid out. You can also specify a list of words that you want to exclude from the cloud. Once you have finalized your settings, you can give your cloud a title, enter a description and specify which webpage you want to link it to. Once generated, the Word cloud can easily be embedded on any web page or blog.

word cloud creator

word cloud creator


  • Create a word cloud from text.
  • Customize colors, font and layout of the cloud.
  • Vary word size randomly or based on count.
  • Save and link it to any webpage.
  • No registration required.
  • SimiLAR TOOLS:  Wordle.

Visit WordItOut @ www.worditout.com

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