Would You Subscribe To A Monthly MakeUseOf Magazine? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week we asked you what you think of the whole smartwatch concept that’s slowly creeping up on us. The votes were scattered all over the spectrum, but the majority of you seem to have decided that smartwatches are…..

Out of 570 readers who voted, 6% understand those who buy it, but don’t plan to do so themselves; 8% think smartwatches are a waste of money; 14% think it’s mostly a gimmick, but an awesome one; 23% like the concept, but are waiting for it to become more useful; and 48% of the readers who voted think the smartwatch concept is great, and love it!

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

Don’t forget to check out last week’s best comment by PebbleOwner, who made an interesting case for smartwatches in general and for the Pebble specifically, showing us how and when smartwatches stop being a mere gimmick, and actually become a useful appliance. He won a free MakeUseOf geeky t-shirt of his choosing!


This week’s poll question is: Would You Subscribe To A Monthly MakeUseOf Magazine?

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Love our t-shirts? The best comment in this poll will get one of our geeky t-shirts. That’s right, for free! So get commenting!

Would you subscribe to a physical MakeUseOf monthly magazine? We’re thinking of starting an exciting one which will include the best and most popular articles and news from the previous month, our newest published manuals, and other goodies that might be unique to the print magazine.

As always, when it’s time for important decisions that are made for you, we wanted to hear what you have to say about it. Is a printed magazine a good idea? Would you subscribe to one? How much would you be willing to pay for such a thing? Do you think it’s not a good idea? If so, why? I purposely left out the “I’m not sure, depends on the magazine” option, because obviously, it does. Just assume it’s going to be awesome! Vote in the poll below.

This time more than ever, your comments are very important. Make sure to tell us in the comments any and all thoughts you have. Would you like to also have a digital version of this magazine? Or maybe we should stick to digital only? We’re waiting for your thoughts!

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