XYDiameter: Easily Measure The Size & Angles Of On-Screen Elements

Have you ever had a need to measure the angle or size of a picture or diagram on your computer screen? Using a physical ruler won’t return the size in pixels and finding an angle by holding up a protractor is just silly. For this task, here’s a handy little bit of Windows freeware called XYDiameter.


XYDiameter is ideal for measuring the width, height and diagonal edges of a rectangle, a circle’s radius and diameter and the angles and size of a triangle’s sides. The tool displays the readings in a clean and easy to read interface and best of all doesn’t cost a penny.



  • An easy to use small free tool for measuring on-screen objects, with pixel-perfect accuracy.
  • Displays the width, height and diagonal sizes of a rectangle.
  • Measure a circle’s width and radius.
  • Find the angles and length of a triangle’s sides.

Check out XYDiameter @ 2xDSoft

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