Youtify: Turns YouTube Into A Cool Online Music Video Jukebox

Many of us log onto YouTube to watch music videos or listen to our favorite songs. But the ads on YouTube and other videos might distract you from your music. Here to help listen to music on YouTube and watch videos is a web service called Youtify.

online music video jukebox

Youtify is a free to use website that lets you play songs and watch videos from YouTube. By default, a list of popular songs is displayed on the site’s homepage. You can choose to view a list of the top 100 songs, the best of YouTube songs, or you can search for songs yourself. These lists along with the search results appear in the right pane. A new playlist can be created in the left pane; songs can be added to it by dragging them from the right pane. For each song being played, a small-sized video is shown in the bottom left.

music video jukebox

You can enlarge this video anytime to view it in a better way.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you listen to music on YouTube.
  • Lets you create playlists.
  • Shows videos of songs being played.
  • Videos can be enlarged for better viewing.
  • Similar tools: PlayinUrTubez, B00mbox, TubeSort, SongSprite, Toobbox and ListAndPlay.

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