YouTube Adds Automatic Closed Captions In Six More Languages [Updates]

Do you speak a European language? If so, it’s going to be easier to watch videos on YouTube from now on. YouTube has added six new languages to its automatic captions feature, which thus far included only English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. The newly added languages are French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch, and captions in these languages will now appear automatically in videos when you click the Closed Captions button.

YouTube’s closed captions are generated using the same voice-recognition technology as Google Voice, and as such, should be pretty accurate. As you might expect, though, they’re not error free. If you want your videos to appear with 100% correct captions, you can either download them to edit, edit them as you go while watching the video, or even upload your own transcript file with your own captions.

With ten languages now included in the automatic captions feature, Google is also working on a new translate feature, which automatically translates these captions into other languages, helping those who don’t speak the language understand the video as well. The feature is already available in some videos, but don’t expect miracles – only what you can expect from a regular Google Translate translation.

So go find a YouTube video in your language and check out how these captions and translations work. Did you find many errors or are the captions good?

Source: YouTube Blog

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