YouTube Adds Google+ Integration To Channels, Updates Feeds & Annotation Editor [News]

Google’s ongoing march to integrate all their products with Google+ has reached YouTube. Channel owners can now promote their Google+ profile on their channels, along with their profiles on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube has also updated the channel feed, where you can now share videos and playlists by other users, tweaked the homepage and added some options to the annotations editor. This is the first significant update since the site’s complete facelift in December.

Aside from the new Google+ option, which was a long time coming for a Google product, you will also notice the channel feed’s new look: the video titles are now more prominent, it’s easier to browse through aggregated events, and the style is generally cleaner. As mentioned above, you can now post videos and playlists to your channel feed. On the “Feed” tab, you will find a “Post to feed” box, where you can enter your comment, and then add a link to a video or a playlist.

In the annotation editor, you will find a new annotation type, a full color palette and a new timeline. There are also annotation styles which you can choose and apply to whole videos.

What do you think of the changes? Will you add your Google+ profile to your YouTube Channel?

Source: Official YouTube Blog

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