YouTube “Cosmic Panda” Revamp Now Available To Try [News]

Since Google launched Plus recently the company has been gradually rolling out redesigns to a number of its services, and now YouTube has been given a lick of paint with the new “Cosmic Panda” update. The redesign features a darker colour scheme, with videos nestled on a dark grey background with advertising space on either side.

Playlists and channel lists appear alongside the video, but in a similar location below. Comments and related videos can be toggled and appear in the usual comment position, and there is a new widget for toggling video size and full screen. Aside from these tweaks, the general layout for videos remains the same.

Channel owners will benefit from the update as more page designs become available, for greater control over content. We’ve snapped a shot of old YouTube and Cosmic Panda so you can see the results for yourself below.

Here is the old style YouTube :

And here is what YouTube now looks like with the Cosmic Panda update :

If you’d like to try out the new YouTube you can do so by visiting this link and clicking Try Now. You can switch back by visiting the same page, if it’s not to your tastes.

What do you think of Cosmic Panda? Loving the new design? Hoping they never change good old YouTube? Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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