YouTube Finally Added a Feature for Looping Videos

YouTube has all kinds of crazy videos to keep you occupied for hours. From the funny to the informative, there’s something for everyone on the ultimate video site.

If you’ve ever come across a short video that you want to loop (maybe an awesome song or stupid sound effect to annoy your friends), you used to have to utilize third-party tools to loop YouTube videos. Now, however, you can watch that new viral hit over and over without ever clicking “replay.”

Just right-click on any YouTube video and click Loop to enable auto-replay. This works wherever the video is, whether on the site itself or embedded into another page — you can even try it with one of the videos in this article! Looping natively isn’t supported on mobile devices yet, but that should be coming in the future.

Now you won’t have to find someone who made a ten-hour version of your favorite video — you can keep the video going as long as you like! Try it out with some awesome video game music!

What YouTube videos will you be playing on loop? Let us know of your favorites in the comments!

Image Credit: alexwhite via