YouTube Movies: View Full Length Movies On YouTube For Free

The permissible maximum length for video on YouTube is 15 minutes. Normally people upload movies by breaking them down into several 15-minute parts and then uploading them separately. Viewers of the movies then have to view each part one after the other.

This process is inconvenient and hopefully will no longer be required, now that YouTube has launched its own movies page where users can view full length movies for free.

full length movies on youtube for free

By making deals with Sony Pictures, Blinkbox, and other US studios, YouTube is now offering its visitors the chance to stream complete movies online. While most of these movies are available only to audiences in the US or the UK, people from other countries are able to stream the movies as well.

These movies have got their own dedicated YouTube page and cover many genres: Bollywood, Chinese martial arts, action, historic movies, etc. To get a quick description of a movie all you have to do is hover your mouse pointer over the movie’s thumbnail.

watch full length movies on youtube


  • A wonderful new feature from YouTube.
  • Lets you watch full length movies on youtube.
  • A great way to pass your time and discover great movies.
  • The movies are separated according to their genres and can be easily browsed this way.

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