YouTube Pro Aims To Help Users Turn Channels From Hobbies To Jobs [Updates]

YouTube is continuing the trend of trying to get higher quality content on its site with the introduction of a new service called YouTube Pro. It is designed specifically to offer users advice and tips for taking their channel from a hobby to paying gig.

This new service will offers channel owners advice on a range of topics such as dealing with advertisers, recording content, crowdfunding, and more. All of these are things that will be faced by any video creator looking to go from casual to professional, and with this, creators will at least have an idea of what to expect.

The content posted on YouTube Pro will feature YouTube itself as well as professional video creators who have already faced the problems anyone looking to get to the next level will face. YouTube’s Blog explains:

The first topic we’ll cover is “Working with Advertisers”. In these four videos, learn from Dane Boedigheimer, Spencer Griffin of College Humor, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Elle Walker about all aspects of effectively pitching and executing branded content deals. They give advice on pitching an idea, what to include in a contract, how to price a deal, as well as to stay true to your audience through the process.

This could be a good move for YouTube, as the more professional content creators it has on the site, the better off it is. After all, YouTube, which is owned by Google, benefits from advertisements just as much as the creators of the content. While it claims that 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every hour, YouTube would certainly prefer more professional content, and this program could push that along.

Source: YouTube

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