YouTubeLeanBack: Relaxed Way To Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is great for watching videos but if you are a lazy person like me, sometimes you don’t even want to make the effort to browse the videos. YouTube has a solution for that too. YouTubeLeanBack is a really chilled  Tv like way of watching videos. As soon as you go to LeanBack, videos automatically start playing based on your favorites, history and likes/dislikes.

Each video is played in full-screen mode and the highest quality. If you still want to move to the next or previous video, simply use your keyboard arrow keys. Pressing the up key lets you search videos and the downward arrow key lets you forward, pause or stop the video. So just sit back and relax.


relax youtube


  • Enjoy YouTube without having to browse or search.
  • Automatically plays videos based on your likes/dislikes.
  • Use arrow keys to control videos
  • All videos are played full-screen and high definition.

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