YouTubeTrends: Insight On Most Popular Videos On YouTube

If you are planning your next big viral video campaign, then you should be listed in YouTubeTrends. This website provides a running account of the currently trending videos on YouTube, by relying on viewership data and top video curators on the web. It also tries to provide broader cultural and media trends from the data they have for you to know the issues and musings people find relevant.

youtube trends

YouTube Trends starts with a list of trending topics. The topics are taken from the aggregate of video titles, description, and metadata. Trending Videos are a list of videos that have become popular by either an increasing view count, or being embedded in popular websites. Regular trend updates called “4 at 4″ gives us four videos every 4 a.m and 4 p.m EST that are generating the most buzz on YouTube.

The killer feature that most marketers and viral campaigners will get the most use from is the Trends Dashboard. This allows you to filter videos that are trending based on location, age, and gender. With this tool, you can get a feel of what a certain demographic is interested in. You can also make a side-by-side comparison to easily compare what’s buzzing across demos.

YouTubeTrends is a cool tool for anyone who wants to know the most popular videos, but specifically for people who are interested how the data reflect cultural trends, similar to what Google’s Zeitgeist is doing.


  • Find trending topic within YouTube
  • View trending videos at the moment
  • See cultural trends with the Trends Dashboard
  • Compare popular videos across demographics
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