ZabKab: Call a Taxi From Anywhere [Android & iOS]

Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to get a taxi even when you’re in a city where it shouldn’t be. Taxi drivers tend to go to those places where the chances of someone needing a taxi are highest, and the fact is that there’s a good chance that you’re not at one of those spots. So instead of waving your hand in the air, trying to call a taxi which isn’t even there, you can do the same over a service called ZabKab.

call a taxi anywhere

ZabKab is a simple service which lets you call a cab from anywhere you are. The service has apps for Android and iOS, with a BlackBerry app coming soon. After creating an account, all you need to do is launch the ZabKab app, and tell it that you need a cab. It’ll collect your location, along with how many people are in your party and if you have any special needs, and publish it to the service. Taxi drivers registered with the service can then find all the people who have called a taxi using ZabKab, and go to those people. For passengers, it’s important to know that using ZabKab doesn’t guarantee you a cab, but it’s good for on-the-fly use.


  • Hail a cab directly from your mobile device.
  • Use anywhere, including at less popular streets.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Similar tools: RideCharge, TaxiMagic and Google Ride Finder.

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