Zazu: Wake Up To Weather Reports, News or RSS Feeds (Android)

Android phone owners have a number of free applications that can make their life easier. For example many people like to stay in touch with the news and weather. Zazu is one Android app that can read the news and weather out to you whenever you want.

wake up to weather

Zazu is a free app and sized at nearly 6 MB. The app’s main function is to gather information on the local weather and global news; it then reads out this information to you while you busy yourself with other tasks.¬†In addition to news and weather, you can also add a custom greeting to Zazu or any site’s RSS feed. You can easily use it as an alarm clock that wakes you up with the news and local weather.

The app’s developers soon plan to add calendar integration, advanced voices, advanced news feed settings, and full social media integration; they also plan to create Zazu versions for other smartphones.

Search Zazu on the Android Marketplace or use the QR-code below:

wake up to weather


  • A user friendly applications.
  • Compatible with Android phones.
  • Reads out the weather and news to you.
  • Reads out the RSS feed of websites.
  • Promises future improvements and enhanced features.
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Get Zazu from by searching for it on the Android Marketplace or visit its official site @

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