Zevera: Get Access To All Download Services With One Account (20 Free Accounts)

Download services allow users to find music, movies, apps, and games that are otherwise not available anywhere else. This the reason why despite having torrents to share files, more users would rather subscribe to a download service like Mediafire or Megaupload because they get the files that they want without much fuss. However, that means you are only locked to one service, and you have to spend more if you want to subscribe to different download services.


Now a new download tool called Zevera solves the redundancy of subscriptions by letting you subscribe to all of these services with only one premium account. This means you get premium accounts with high-speed download, no waiting times or Captcha ,while allowing you to use any download accelerator to services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Deposit Files, Filefactor, Easy Share, HotFile, and a lot more! And this is all with one login.


A single log-on to these services seems complicated, but using the service is dead-simple. You will just need to find the link of the file that you wish to download from the supported services, and then paste it in Zevera’s download page or on your download manager to start.

This tool makes sense because no one wants to get caught signing up for several services and face a large bill every month. With one-login and one-account that will cover all download services, you will get easier access to files that you need because chances are Zevera supports them. In addition, they offer only pay-as-you-need plans, which means you are not locked up with any monthly subscription.

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Premium accounts range from €16 for 30 days or 100 Gigabytes access and up to €105 for 365 Days and 1.2 Terabyte access.

And if you want to get one of these accounts for free, then you are in luck! Read carefully: Zevera has provided us with 20 free accounts with 30-day subscription exclusively for MUO readers, you just need to be one of the first 20 commenters to get this bonus.


  • One-signup for most download services.
  • Supported websites include Rapidshare, Hotfile, Mediafire, Megaupload, and more.
  • Copy and paste download link from supported services to download the file.
  • Buy by day subscriptions or by gigabytes.
  • Use Zevera all-one-suite for download management.
  • No monthly option available; pay as you go.

Check out Zevera @ www.zevera.com

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