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Hey guys welcome to tech examined I’m your host Michael Panetta and I have some pretty exciting news to go over with you guys uh first and foremost the website is up and running we are slowly but surely posting articles on there I’ve got some really cool people who wanted to join the site and have been on other sites.

And wanted to write so I really appreciate those guys and there’s going to be lots of stuff coming in now the whole idea of this a is to give.

You content that is not on the tech examine youtube channel so you guys don’t necessarily have to worry about going over them be like a higher I saw a video on this.
And what’s the point of coming over here and reading it if.

You’ve covered in the video so hopefully what we cover in the video is enough or what we cover on the.

Website is enough that you don’t need the other that way you have two places to go for multiple content some people will be strictly writing for the site and some people will strictly be doing videos on the.

Channel some both so really to kick off the whole website and it’s going to take a while and I understand that but right now it’s for fun and I enjoy it and I’m happy to get it started and with help from many many people to get it done we’re going to do a huge giveaway and thanks to my buddy Jay I love gadgets 77 who is now actually Jay’s world 77 but him and I kind of talked about this at CES a few.

Months ago seven eight months ago and a couple months later we picked up this awesome package of stuff from zoo go and they gave us a great price on it and it’s nearly i would say seven eight hundred dollars worth of their cases and what I wanted to do is assemble some packages to give away and we’re going to do is we’re going.
To pick seven winners there’s going to be a.

Grand prize and there’s going to.

Second runner-up grand prize I guess you want to call it our first runner-up grand prize and then a four or five runner-up winners I guess you want to call it but really we’re going to be doing is picking seven winners and two of them are.

Going to get kind of the coup de Gras one is going to be really cool so what I.

Want to do of course is have you guys go over to tech examine calm for the details and really what I do is I want to get people over to the website I want you to read some of the articles that are over there comment on what you think let’s get you know some discussion going on things if you have something that you want to see reviewed more in depth at a video with more.

In writing towards it and really get in-depth with it let us know through here through the the website and whatnot so what I’m going to do is again post everything over there for.

The contest and let you guys know exactly what you need to do which isn’t much and one.

Of the things which is going to be the grand prize which I’m sure will just totally piss a ton of people off but I think it’s fun and I think it’ll get people talking the.

Coup de Gras grand prize which is going to be probably pretty much one of.

Everything that a zoo GU has out now is the person who gets a retweet for the giveaway or the tech examine youtube channel or tech examined calm gets the biggest Twitter person to retweet what we put in that giveaway is the grand prize winner so what I mean by biggest Twitter person is who has.

The most followers and you know it would be great to see someone with you know a hundred thousand two hundred thousand you know followers retweet something of mine and you know.

That would just be so awesome so that’s kind of.

What we’re going to do for that and I can only imagine if people really get into this how much is going to drive those people crazy asking for retweets but it isn’t like they don’t get it now right so you know we just want to draw attention to the contest draw attention to the channels and the website and that’s kind of my my idea I take complete blame for it if people are like oh.

That’s so whorish but I think it’s.

Fun so that’s going to be that one so for the rest go over to the website which the information is all down below for the link and do that but also what I’m going to have people do is follow us on Twitter and tech examined and we’re going to have another mini giveaway and what we’re going to do for that is we have 10 zuku iphone 5 cases here now it’s a light thin durable case something.

That’s a that’s real small most like kind of like a not a throwaway case but you know something you want to put on your phone if you don’t want something bulky on there and I’ll open this up real quick just to.

Show you guys we got here but um again it is for the iphone 5 it’s very simple expect made of a TPU we have multiple colors and there it is right there again very cushy case very nice it’s got some grip on the sides there to do that so we’re.

Going to be giving away 10 of those 2 10 ppl so.

Be something a little bit on the side to do and give those away so we’ve got the big giveaway going on with all that stuff from mizzou goo that we got alone with these which will be doing strictly on twitter so again one more time go over to the website tech examine calm and find out how you can enter the giveaway for all that stuff and the V pictures of that stuff over there of what you get in each prize and the people that don’t win the grand prize is you know when we go.

From top to bottom will let them pick which one they want because some of them have ipad mini stuff some have ipad stuff so you’ll see that check out on the.

Website 10 winners to twitter this will start now so go on over follow us on twitter and retweet i want a zoo goo iphone 5 case and do at zoo goose so they know that we’re doing this as well i’ll put that information down below you can.

Copy and paste that and put that right into twitter and that’s it again thank you guys very very much thanks zuku for the awesome deal on that Jay and I kicked in for that and we’ll go through.

And I’ll explain you guys what to do over there and that’s it you guys take it easy have a good one and I will talk to you later see ya you.

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